Sinus Pressure & Headache Treatments

Reducing your pain and discomfort with multiple healing options

Sinus Pressure & Headache Treatments

Sinuses are air-filled spaces located inside your forehead as well as behind the bridge of your nose and your cheekbones. If you experience a sinus infection or allergic reaction, these spaces can swell, producing more mucus and become blocked.

Without normal drainage, pressure continues to build and you may begin to suffer from pain that feels like a headache. If your headache pain continues, see the specialists at the Boca Raton Sinus & Allergy Center for a consultation. At times, other types of headaches are mistaken for sinus headaches.

Our team has years of sinus expertise and experience and will help you determine if your headache is sinus related. What’s more, they collaborate with each other to facilitate the best possible treatment for you.


Do any of these symptoms apply to you? If so, we recommend you make an appointment:

  • Facial pain
  • Sniffles or a runny nose
  • Stuffy feeling in your ears
  • Swelling in your face
  • Temperature

Frequently Asked Questions

How are sinus pressure and headaches treated?

You may find relief with simple methods such as running a humidifier, drinking more fluids or using a saltwater nasal spray. Decongestants and pain-relieving medicines that you can purchase over the counter may also help.

For more serious cases, the specialists at the Boca Raton Sinus & Allergy Center may prescribe antibiotics to fight the sinus infection, or corticosteroids to ease the inflammation.

What if allergies are identified as the problem?

Allergies—instead of infections—are often the cause of sinus congestion, pressure and headaches. If this is the case with you, the specialists at the Boca Raton Sinus & Allergy Center can address your issues with Food Allergy Testing & Treatment or Seasonal & Perennial Allergy Testing & Treatment to bring you relief from the sinus pain and discomfort that you are suffering from.

Are other procedures, or even surgery ever required?

In certain cases, the specialists at the Boca Raton Sinus & Allergy Center may recommend In-Office Balloon Sinuplasty—a minimally invasive solution—to open your blocked sinuses. For more severe cases outpatient endoscopic sinus surgery may be needed to adequately relieve symptoms.

What’s my next step?

For relief from your sinus pressure and headaches, schedule an appointment at the Boca Raton Sinus & Allergy Center at 561-391-3333 for an evaluation with one of our specialists.